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Quantum_Tech Solutions

A portfolio of sophisticated technology solutions. From planning and executing, to tracking, managing and measuring results, Quantum_Tech provides solutions for your customized marketing programs.


Online ordering, print customization and marketing resource tools

Q_encompass allows you to tightly control your brand standards, digital assets, messaging and costs. At the same time you're enabling your sales channel(s) the flexibility and accessibility to order customized, brand compliant items. Q_encompass seamlessly integrates into your internal systems, is user friendly and encourages efficient marketing execution.

Q_encompass gives you and your team insight into user activity, order status, inventory trends and expenditures in real time. It eliminates waste, reduces obsolescence and eliminates ineffective materials. Combine this with rapid speed to market and incomparable marketing precision.


Central processing, fulfillment and inventory management system

With Quantum's Q_fulfill, we can provide added visibility and support for all of your marketing and communications initiatives. From pieces, to kitting and hybrid fulfillment, you can be sure your inventory is being managed efficiently and effectively with Q_fulfill.Our proprietary technology platform will provide robust, real-time reporting for your management review and assessment. Q_fulfill is an easy-to-use tool that will give you peace of mind that your project is being printed, distributed and managed securely — executed precisely according to plan.


Customizable, multi-channel marketing platform

Employing personal data to better understand consumer behavior can provide a distinct competitive advantage. Q_engage helps you send the right message, to the right customer, in the right medium at the right moment.

Q_engage ensures your entire marketing implementation function is handled for you, seamlessly, while simultaneously being able to track the effectiveness of your outreach campaign in real time. The process is completely automated, transparent and measurable. Build your brand with Q_engage.


Tracking and management tools exclusively for direct mail

Q_track is a proprietary technology platform and management tool that allows you to monitor, measure and track your direct mail campaigns by simply logging onto our secure site.

From production and mailing information to delivery statistics, this critical and timely insight into your campaign process and its results, will allow you to tailor your messages, adapt your marketing and reach the most receptive customers at the right time, with the right message for even higher response as you fine-tune your campaign. It's innovative insight and it's from Quantum.


Tracking and insight system for financial, insurance and life sciences firms

Q_advisor is a flexible solution that provides complete transparency into your marketing initiatives. From traditional and digital printing to specialty kitting, mailing and more, we manage it all while improving your speed to market.

Q_advisor gives you robust, real-time reporting for management review and assessment. Reduce your total cost of ownership, improve productivity and increase speed to market with Q_advisor.


Data acquisition and customer targeting

Q_acquire is a new mover program that leverages personalized direct mail with pURL and social media messaging to target customers in your area. Q_acquire will give you the ability to reach customers via direct mail and social channels in a highly effective and easily measured manner.

Additionally, our program provides you with tracking across all of your media channels in one central portal. It's just one of the value adds Quantum offers with Q_acquire.


Custom-designed solutions tailored to specific client needs

Quantum offers strategic technology consulting — Q_custom. We will help you deal with the challenges and changes you now face in getting your marketing materials to the right people, at the right time, with the right message — wherever they are in the continuum. We look at all the ways you currently leverage your technology and data, making recommendations for how we can optimize your existing process and enhance it with ours. We integrate technology, data management, print, programming and process into total solutions that help you increase your reach and revenue goals. It's easy, it's effective. It's from Quantum.

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