For today's marketers, the terrain has changed. We guide Marketers beyond traditional print to engage customers, activate their brands and achieve extraordinary results.

The Quantum Difference

Forget one-size-fits-all. We believe in customized, unique marketing solutions to connect our clients with their customers.

  1. Engaging Customers and Prospects

    We execute innovative, data-driven marketing campaigns from initial planning, to print and mailing, to tracking and measuring results.

  2. Manage and Activate your brand

    Our fully configurable web storefront and highly variable direct mail platform empowers brand marketing and sales teams, equipping them with customizable print and digital materials that follow established brand standards.

  3. Achieve Extraordinary Results

    We utilize innovative technologies and unique print solutions to streamline processes, improve efficiencies, reduce spend and improve return on investment.


QUANTUM INCREASES CAPACITY AND QUALITY WITH THE INSTALLATION OF THE CANON PROSTREAM 1800 Our industry has always been one of evolution. Quantum’s dedication to improvements in printing technologies and adapting to our clients print strategies have been strengthened with the addition of the Canon ProStream 1800. The production speed on the ProStream 1800 is incredible. With speeds up to 436ft/ minute, Quantum’s throughput has increased exponentially. The highspeed inkjet print quality of the Canon ProStream 1800 provides us with the flexibility to migrate higher volume jobs from offset to digital inkjet. The ProStream 1800 sets a new benchmark for inkjet quality, with a color gamut beyond offset standards. At full speed, the ProStream leverages 1,200 dpi resolution with multi-level ink drop size modulation. This creates smooth shadings, striking details in dark tones, and sharp fonts – making it perfectly suited for the production of premium and highly personalized direct mail, and more. Additionally, the addition of the ProStream, provides Quantum with the redundancy that is so critical to print services providers and their customers. Cheryl Kahanec – CEO, Quantum

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Are you ready to engage customers, activate your brand and achieve extraordinary results?

Data Security & Compliance

Our compliance and security-based focus is unique amongst our peers. We maintain several compliance certifications, and each of our employees undergoes comprehensive screening and training. This minimizes risk and ensures your data is secure.

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