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November 05, 2019 | by Quantum Marketing Team


Personalization. The key to any strong marketing campaign starts with personalizing the customer experience—in every channel. The issue is that few actually take this step. To do so, you must have an acute understanding of your customers’ preferences and create conversations to engage with them. You also have to better align your marketing and sales relationships. To help put you on the right path, Kristen Alexander, CMO at Certain, offers this three-step plan to getting results:

Step 1: Marketing + Sales = Success

Alignment is everything, so combine sales’ art of the relationship with the tech know-how of marketing. If you can get them to agree on something simple, like core target accounts, they can work together to open up those accounts. That means marketing casting a net of opportunity to engage with buyers at each account, and sales using every interaction to build a highly personalized relationship.

Do this now: One of the best channels to drive sales and marketing alignment is events, especially field events like customer dinners, lunch-and-learns or product roadshows. Work together on the invites, and orchestrate conversations with other customers and thought leaders to build confidence in their products and company.

Step 2: Uplevel the data

Data drives personalization, which means marketers need a rich and broad bank of customer data to truly know their customers and understand what they’re looking for. Understanding the intent of your prospects—such as who’s on the buying committee, what are the pain points and where they are in the buying cycle—is critical to success.

Do this now: Have marketing work concertedly toward unlocking this type of data from every digital and physical channel. If advertising campaigns are tagged by product interest (a pain point or stage in the buying journey), aggregate that data to create smarter segmentation and messaging that meets the buyer where they are in the discovery or decision-making process.

Step 3: The ABM Approach

Precise campaigns. Deeper engagements. If you’re looking to up your marketing campaign, account-based marketing is the ticket. Thanks to its ability to scale personalization, marketers can quickly launch campaigns based on intent data to nurture a relationship earlier in the buying cycle. In addition, they can craft messaging based on preferences. These touchpoints help sales to create relevant conversations when buyers are ready to seriously engage.

Do this now: Sell your internal customer first—the sales team. Write a pitch they can’t resist and present it with confidence. When they see the real potential of ABM, they’ll get on board without hesitation.

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