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June 28, 2021 | by Quantum Marketing Team


Sales and marketing should present a united front, and what better way to do so than focusing on what matters the most: customers. Check out these five tips from Skyword on how to bring the two together.

NO. 1 Gather input from sales to create audience-centric thought leadership.  The sales department interacts directly with customers, so they often have an insider’s take on what resonates with them.

NO. 2 Discuss and strategize with a broader group of internal stakeholders.  Get feedback from all of the different areas of your company to understand the full customer lifecycle.

NO. 3 Forge a relationship of trust between sales and marketing.  Earn trust from your sales team by delivering relevant and consistent content.

NO. 4 Identify where customers need the most support To be more audience-centric, find and fill the gaps in your customer experience.

NO. 5 Wield content to grab customers’ attention.  Be unique. Provide value. Speak directly to your customers’ needs to cut through the noise.

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