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December 04, 2019 | by Quantum Marketing Team

5 Ways You Can Become a Thought Leader Today

You can blog, we get it. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But if you want to be recognized as a thought leader to the nth degree, you need to take your efforts to the next level. That means getting a little more creative (and in depth) in exercising your opinions, i.e., do more now. Barry Feldman, founder of Feldman Creative, and author of SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans, lays out your plan here:

1. Teach a course
Create an (free) online course. Believe it or not, it is the easiest part of these strategies. Online courses give you credibility, produce leads and create passive income. Take what you do, figure out a way to share your expertise, and go.

2. Publish research
If you seek to engage with people, research rocks. Because content comes in all shapes and sizes, go for it. How-to’s. Webinars. Whitepapers. Roundups and rants. The mother of all research: organic data. Publish it and they will come.

3. Host a podcast
Podcasting is the new go-to thing. According to The Podcast Consumer Report, 22% of Americans listen to a podcast each week. There are few better ways to bond with your community than by them listening to you (and a guest) wax on about whatever.

4. Public speaking
To get in front of an audience or not to…that is the question. But when people invest time and money to attend conferences and events, they want to hear from the experts. Enter you. Speaking from experience goes a long way toward solidifying your standing.

5. Write a book
We are all writers at heart. There are scores of software programs out there that can help you pull your musings into book form. You just need to find a topic that makes what you write about worth reading.

As thought leaders in the print marketing world, Quantum brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you can utilize in your next campaign. Just reach out and let us know what your challenges are!

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