Customer Engagement
August 28, 2020 | by Joe Holleman


Your customers want to hear from you – in fact, it is expected.  Consumers have an abundance interaction options.  Endless brands to choose from, countless engagement channels, myriads of competing offers and as a result – marketing fatigue.

How does one move to the top of the list?  The answer is not as difficult as it may appear.  You can solve this challenge through triggered marketing efforts.  Below are four best practices when developing a successful trigger strategy.

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE:  “To whom am I speaking?”  You have said it a thousand times.  Why, because it shapes the conversation.  Gather your insights in ways that allows you to quickly identify the source of the interaction.  You need to understand if you are speaking to an existing customer, engaging a prospect for the first time, being proactive by providing relevant content or re-engaging a prior relationship.  CRM, data-analytics, and marketing automation are tools at your disposal – use them.  Alone, they provide knowledge, together, they are the keys to your strategic marketing road-map.

IF/THEN: Companies understand individuals expect to be recognized. Simple triggers such as “Happy Birthday”, “Your Order Has Shipped” and “Thank You For Subscribing” are easy triggers to build and execute.  Acknowledge audience actions and you have taken the first steps in your customer’s journey.

HI/I WAS THINKING OF YOU:  Nearly everyone appreciates being “thought of”.  It is an emotional bond that is fostered in trust and comfort.  Behavioral triggers allow marketers to recognize preferences, provide product recommendations and relevant content as well as personalized offers.  These interactions are part of larger brand to consumer conversations and are critical in shaping a customer’s journey.

DON’T HESITATE:  Act now – while interest is at its peak.  React swiftly and with a purpose.  Prove to your customer you know them as an individual and are paying attention.

Remember, communications lead to conversations.  That is the beauty of implementing triggered marketing campaigns.  They keep you top of mind, demonstrates your investment with the consumer, maximizes channel effectiveness and drive engagement.


Joe Holleman is Director of Marketing and Strategic Solutions at Quantum Group.  Visit to learn more about Quantum Group’s marketing solutions.

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