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May 30, 2014 | by

Budget restrictions aren’t holding back firms that optimize their marketing

Even though the economy is turning around and marketing spending is on the upswing, most departments are still expected to “do more with less.” Odds are that won’t change in 2014 because intense efficiency improvements implemented during the recession have raised expectations at the C level.

The last five years have also created a “what worked then should work now” mentality that isn’t likely to go away until the economy strengthens even further. With the myriad of communication channels and audiences, managing your marketing workflow, automating, and integrating all initiatives will enhance your firm’s ability to increase its operational efficiency.

A good example of this is a workflow solution developed for Orion Advisor Services. In order to improve their speed to market and monitor their statement works-in-process in real time, they used an intuitive, web-based production and management tool. Through a comprehensive and dynamic “digital dashboard”, Orion could track monitor and measure the progress and efficiency of their entire reporting and printing process. They could customize workflows for specific clients and departments while providing visual checkpoints throughout production to eliminate errors prior to delivery.

The result: Orion could reach their target timetable of statement collection, reporting and delivery to clients in less than 72 hours. Orion’s on-time delivery soared to 100%. Check out the full case study here.

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