Customer Engagement
June 30, 2020 | by Quantum Marketing Team


The customer journey can be a long road.  It is not that it is a difficult drive however some navigation is required.

Like most trips, you will want a co-pilot with you along the way.  A guide help you look for landmarks and most importantly, stay focused.  This is where custom content should be thought of as your road-trip partner.  The one you call up and say, “I’m coming to pick you up and we won’t be home for a while”.

Why is custom content so important?  Because your audience would rather be “spoken to” rather than “talked at”.  Custom content can be thoughtful, entertaining, conversational and if implemented correctly – a key building block in your marketing strategies. 

Here are four reasons why your custom content should be sitting in the front seat.

Fosters Creativity & Collaboration:

Anyone in your organization can create it.  We all have ideas, perspectives and anecdotes – so use them to your advantage by sharing them.  Custom content is the perfect vehicle to do so.

Relaxes and Sets the Tone:

Custom content demonstrates, the human side to your brand, one they can feel “comfortable with” and not “skeptical of”.

Builds Brand to Audience Engagement:

If your content has relevance or significant meaning – you are likely to earn the audience’s attention, trust and engagement.

 Enhances Customer Retention:

Remain thoughtful, dedicated and continue to produce custom content.  Consumers do business with brands they know, like and trust.  Your custom content started this journey – show your commitment and keep publishing. 

Custom content – your best friend on the customer journey.  Buckle up, enjoy your ride, and don’t forget to send a postcard or two along the way.

The Quantum Group is a commercial printer located in Morton Grove, IL.  We support our client’s direct marketing strategies through the production of high quality and data-driven printed, direct mail and technology solutions.


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