Orion Advisor Services


The Challenge

In the hyper-competitive financial services industry, clients rely on being able to receive and review account statement information that is accurate, complete and timely.

Before Orion Advisor Services came to Quantum, they had been enduring unacceptable delays – as well as a complete lack of visibility into the production process.

Orion also was experiencing inherent inefficiencies (from data gathering through fulfillment) in a workflow that was neither fully automated nor fully integrated.

Communication between departments and various operating companies was slow and uneven. Orion needed an enterprise marketing execution partner that could improve their speed to market, increase operational efficiency and afford them the ability to monitor their statement works-in-process in real time.

The Solution

After a deeper dive into the needs and priorities of the Orion team, Quantum recommended and implemented Q_advisor, an intuitive and easy-to-use, web-based production management tool.

Through this comprehensive and dynamic “digital dashboard”, Orion now can track, monitor and measure both the progress and efficacy of the entire reporting and printing process. From the first steps in report generation — the transfer of critical data files — to the final finishing touches of printing, inserting and delivery, Q_advisor keeps Orion on top of every development.

In addition, Q_advisor allows Orion to customize workflows for specific clients and departments. At the same time, Q_advisor also provides visual checkpoints throughout the production to catch any errors before they make it to finishing.

With this newfound technological capability, Orion has surpassed all previous performance metrics including statement collection and reporting, on-time delivery and quality assurance.

The Results

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