The Newport Group


The Challenge

Adding a valuable new service to a growing financial services portfolio shouldn’t be cause for consternation. However, for The Newport Group, the new retirement plan they had acquired was generating significantly more statement data volume than their current IT infrastructure and production workflows were capable of handling.

In addition, because each of their clients’ statements needed to be individually customized, the quarterly statement process became increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming, inefficient and expensive. Customer service levels were beginning to suffer. The firm needed to find a way to create a scalable, technology-based solution — one that could grow with them, provide additional capacity when needed and eliminate any drags on productivity and customer service.

The Solution

As Quantum and this firm explored the mission-critical goals and objectives — and further investigated the root causes of the process bottlenecks — it was clear that Quantum’s Q_advisor tool would provide all of the advanced functionality and streamlined efficiency the company desired.

As an added benefit, Q_advisor would also afford the firm complete visibility and operational transparency into the statement production process. With Q_advisor, they now had a virtual “command and control” center — a digital dashboard that tracked the materials, the process and the progress towards completion all in real time.

Specific instructions can be entered at any time throughout the process. Key production checkpoints are visually monitored so any issues that arise can be addressed immediately — saving both time and money.

By leveraging Q_advisor, what used to be a largely manual process now is completely automated and integrated into the firm’s data management, reporting and production workflows.

The Results


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