Luxury Hotel & Casino

The Challenge

Quantum was approached by a Luxury Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to help them improve the direct mail marketing for their loyalty program. They wanted to leverage their new investment in campaign management technology and incorporate a tangible direct mail touchpoint into their multi-channel strategy. Additionally, they saw the potential to Leverage CRM data to increase personalization & relevance of the offers they were giving to guests. Reducing costs and proving return-on-investment were also key directives from the executive team The casino expressed concerns regarding speed-to-market and the amount of time it would take to proof and ensure 100% accuracy of each direct mail campaign. Their current process wasn’t working for them and they needed a change.

The Solution

Quantum developed a new technology solution, called Q Dynamic to facilitate the efficient execution of Hotel & Casino’s direct mail campaigns. The platform allowed this client to executive highly-variable mail, while also preserving the unique, boutique feel of their communications. Leveraging a data feed from their campaign management system, the CRM marketing team. Features included: • Automated platform for controlling variability and design elements • Real-time proofing • Data integration with their CRM system • 72-hour or less service-level agreement (SLA)

The Results

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