The Cure For The Common Vendor: Alleviating Pain Points For BDSI

The Challenge

A specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on pain and addiction, BioDelivery Sciences International (BDSI) is making a big difference in their industry. Yet, when their small-but-growing organization needed enterprise-caliber solutions, they quickly found that one size didn’t fit all.

“In looking at our long-term marketing communications strategy—and preparing for growth—we determined that we wanted to consolidate and streamline our vendor relationships,” says Al Medwar, SVP of Corporate and Business Development at BDSI.

They needed on-demand services and quick turnarounds for time-intensive projects, but soon discovered the trade-off of working with so many different providers: their ability to stay nimble and fluid. Having worked with Quantum since 2015 on unique HCP direct-mail and marketing projects, BDSI found it an easy decision to grow the relationship further.

“We couldn’t afford issues or delays with our marketing tactics,” explains Medwar, “and I was confident that Quantum would do a great job for us.”

The Solution

Quantum understands that a specialized company like BDSI needsspecialized solutions—but can’t risk the business shock of quitting other vendors cold turkey. Quantum worked closely with BDSI to unify services while protecting against operational disruptions. Building on the existing direct-mail and email projects for BDSI, which used data from partner HealthLink Dimensions and existing customers, Quantum began producing a variety of items in a boutique capacity.

“We soon consolidated a number of our marketing functions under one roof with Quantum, in an effort to simplify the experience and improve speed to market,” explains Medwar, “and Quantum tackled the transition quickly and efficiently.”

By January 2016, Quantum had become the single-source provider for all BDSI printing, direct mail, online ordering, and fulfillment. By February,

“Quantum had gotten a new technology platform up for us in just eight weeks,” says Medwar.

Best of all, Quantum has a professional, collaborative bedside manner with BDSI’s agency of record.

“We’ve enjoyed the holistic approach and deep understanding of our business that Quantum brings to the table,” says Medwar.

The Results


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