North America Branding

The Challenge

In 2013, North America Branding, a leading North American marketing and premium incentives firm was looking for a way to help their client — a leading soft drink bottler — boost sales for one of its top soft drink brands. They needed in-store display solutions that went above and beyond what conventional point-of-sale signage, displays and marketing materials could accomplish. They also needed to complement their efforts to make the brand more appealing to specific groups within their most loyal and core target market segment. They needed to find a way to engage the consumer in-store in a bold, yet authentic way, while appealing to and engaging with brand managers, bottlers, and retailers. What would make consumers stop in their tracks?

The Solution

Drawing on its deep experience in the retail sector, Quantum worked closely with North America Branding to first learn all of the ins and outs of the clients target market — outdoor enthusiasts. After thoroughly analyzing the challenge and opportunity, Quantum created innovative in-store materials utilizing advanced lenticular technology. This highly advanced technique transforms flat, static images into almost lifelike motion pictures. In this case, when the consumer walks by the soft drink display in the store, a normally flat hunting or fishing image gives the illusion that the image is actually moving. It naturally draws attention and gets the consumer to stop right in their tracks. The physical displays were used to house branded gear, apparel and collectible items.

The Results


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