The Challenge

Managing your marketing campaign is an intricate process. It’s difficult to grasp the big picture when there are so many aspects to measure and monitor.

Verizon was looking to eliminate wasteful spending on marketing materials and gain efficiencies in distributing materials to market.

Region specific messages couldn’t be created. Regulatory updates required constant changes. Communication materials expired and were obsolete before they were completely circulated.

Multiple procedural, data management and supply chain approaches all made it difficult to monitor and optimize workflow — Verizon knew they could get more from their dollars and better utilize resources.

The Solution

Quantum worked closely with Verizon to identify all their needs and issues. Using Q_encompass, Verizon is now able to plan, project, track, manage, monitor, and customize all marketing materials from every campaign to ensure the maximum yield and utility is achieved.

Verizon can accurately manage every communication, using any vehicle and speak to any audience, in an efficient and cost effective way. Communications and offers are timely and personalized. Open rates, conversion rates and ROI are visible and measurable. Inventory is maintained in a cost-effective, just-in-time manner. Corporate brand standards are maintained across campaigns and marketing vehicles so the field is empowered, allowing them to be more effective and responsive. It allows executives and marketing managers full transparency into regional trends and market opportunities, providing them the ability to respond and adapt their marketing materials and in turn, improve their sales.

The Results

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