Fulfillment and Logistics

We balance technology with hands-on methods during the fulfillment process to deliver speedy, smart results.

On-time, Accurate, Impactful

From accepting orders to complex kitting, our fulfillment and distribution systems are sophisticated, efficient and flexible. We ensure on-time delivery, which has built us a trustworthy reputation.

Combined with our inventory control system we deliver optimized material management services to monitor inventory, reduce obsolescence, generate cost savings and ensure only up-to-date materials enter into market.

Our home in the Midwest is strategically located for distribution across the country, and our experienced teams bring care and attention to detail to every single project. We have kitting expertise to execute every type of assembly, from simple handwork to complex pick-and-pack.

Additionally our 100,000 square feet of secure warehouse space allows us to offer long-term storage including separate high-value item storage with controlled access, for your more expensive fulfillment items.

Sophisticated Solutions


  • Web-based ordering via Q Compass storefront 
  • Automated shipping/tracking notifications 
  • Inventory management and reporting 
  • Sophisticated expiration date management for regulated materials 
  • Project engineering (design, freight-cost optimization) 


  • USPS full-service certified 
  • Fast and cost-effective shipments 
  • Transportation provider partnerships 
  • Optimized distribution via first-class or standard mail 
  • Flexible shipping options


Q Compass

Our web storefront platform empowers your marketing team with cutting-edge print, inventory and digital capabilities.

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Our compliance and security-based focus is unique amongst our peers. We maintain various compliance certifications.

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Management, Tracking and Reporting

Our management tools allow you to monitor, measure and track the performance of your marketing initiatives.

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