Direct Mail

We'll collaborate to create comprehensive, targeted direct mail solutions that will cut through the clutter.

Directing Your Direct Mail

Our goal is to get the absolute most out of every piece of each marketing campaign. Our Omni channel solution, Q Engage does just that.  Designed to maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail, Q Engage integrates on-line and off-line technologies to accelerate your audiences engagement and inform you on their activity.

We utilize Q Track technology to provide postage efficiencies, visually track the delivery of each piece of mail, offer real-time stats, on-demand reporting and more.

Our Q Dynamic technology allows you to customize and execute highly variable direct mail that stands out. You can even modify the most granular of campaign details based on real-time business insights.

Our automated mail preparation technology verifies consumer opt-out preferences to cut waste. Not paying extra for postage means more money saved. It’s a small detail that can save you big over time.

Go Further with Direct Mail

  • 100% accurate mailings
  • USPS full-service certified
  • Highest-quality digital printing
  • Intelligent equipment with barcode support
  • Mail tracking dashboard
  • Variable messaging capabilities
  • Automated data file processing (CASS and NCOA)
  • Return mail processing (RMP) and electronic return mail (ERM)


Q Track

Quantum’s postal optimization platform provides postage efficiencies plus a dashboard that tracks mail in real time.

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Calculating ROI

With all the buzz about email marketing, print still delivers a powerful return on investment.

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